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2017-09-08 12:41 pm

Equifax post

What happened?
Equifax had a data breach and about 143 million Americans had their info stolen. It is possible Canadians and Britons are impacted too. I do not have any info on how credit works in the UK or Canada so the info below is just for Americans. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. This is what I suggest based on what i've read and is general guidance. 
what does that mean?
It is possible that your personal information is on the black market / internet, and can be used to commit fraud.

I want to know if I was impacted. what do i do?
Check to see if you are impacted by going to www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/potential-impact/
If you get a message that says you're not impacted, Congrats! You are done.
If you get a message that says you are impacted OR a message letting you know about an enrollment date, Equifax believes your information was stolen in the breach
Equifax thinks my info was stolen, now what?
Follow the steps in this helpful comment
In summary, it is suggested you:
1) Put a free 90-day fraud alert on your account to alert creditors that your identity may be stolen. This means they are supposed to contact you if there's a request (a loan, a credit card, etc).
2) check your credit at annualcreditreport.com for any accounts you don't recognize
3) if there has been any actual fraud activity, file a police report and freeze your credit.
what am i looking at on my credit report?
You are looking for accounts you do not recognize or for "hard"/regular inquiries on your credit that you are unaware of.

does it matter which credit reporting agency I get a report from?
No, not really. 
wtf is Equifax and how did they get my info?
Equifax is a credit reporting agency. Credit card companies, lenders, employers, landlords, etc check your credit to see if you are the kind of person they can safely lend money to / allow to be around other peoples money / rent to. The people who request info from them also report to them. 
I heard if I accept the Equifax credit monitoring, I can't sue. Is this true?
The original TOS did read this way, however it is been updated and that no longer seems to be the case. However keep in mind that a class action suit likely has very little benefit to a consumer (unless you like to wait 3 years to get $5). If it brings you peace of mind to sign up, then do so.
i have questions!
You can ask in the plurk comments and i will try to find you an answer, probably from the reddit